It’s pretty simple and as harsh as it sounds, you need to put some effort in. When filling out profiles or submitting information to online or printed profiles, take the opportunity to make yourself stand out. The goal of getting new customers is a competitive one and you have to utilize every tool and advantage you can. I find myself attracted to profiles where I see someone’s personality and feel a connection to them.

Don’t just say “I sell products.” Tell us why you joined or started the company, what you like about it, what you specialize in. Information like this helps us feel your passion and even points out things about your products or services that we may not know of. If you’re not really sure what to write, just free write a few sentences first, run it past a friend and then edit it. Read it as if you were the customer looking at your own business, how do you feel about it.

Most of us know of friends or family members that are pretty good at this, and even the company asking you for the information may be able to help so take advantage of it and do your best to provide as much information as possible because you only have one shot at a first impression.