Content matters! Are you posting your photos? Videos? Tips? Information? News? Sales? Why not??

If you’re a baker, post a photo a day of your treats, post recipes and even different flavor combinations. If you’re a landscaper, post pics of your before and after projects as well as tips about yard care and maintenance. HVAC services? post photos and tips on what to look for in their equipment for repairs or replacements and provide tips on how to maintain their home equipment for longer life.

I can’t tell you how many pages I come across like landscaping, resorts, jewelry…. all products and services that interest me, yet when I go to some of these pages I either see NO photos and a lot of text about how great they are, what a beautiful product or service they have (yet I can’t see because they haven’t posted an ACTUAL PHOTO) or maybe they do post photos but they are all blurry, hard to view and actually make their product look unappealing. I won’t even get started about posting nothing but photos of OTHER THINGS….. like your vacation, your dinner or news items. Why is that bad? It’s not if you do it occasionally because people do want to get to know you and you do want to share these things, but if they are following you because you sell jewelry, guess what…. they WANT TO SEE YOUR JEWELRY!!! 🙂 I know this seems obviously, but trust me, it’s not. So how do you plan on reaching your customers and selling more if you’re not even showing your “stuff” to those that already said they were interested in seeing more?

I know it seems overwhelming but it’s really not that bad.  So if you’re still not sure, contact us, we are here to help. It’s what we do.