Like this, post that, pin whatever, plus it, etc. The list is endless when it comes to what accounts are out there, what they all do, who they all reach and how to use them properly.

No need to panic or give yourself an anxiety attack. If you’re taking on social media by yourself just take it a step at a time. Pick one social media outlet such as Facebook or Instagram and start there. Set up your account, do a little research online, or ask a few friends and work on building just that one platform so you don’t get overwhelmed but also so you commit enough time to it. It’s no good to have a platform set up and then not dedicate enough to it. People follow you because they are interested in what you have to offer so they look forward to seeing your posts.

Not sure what to post? Think of your customer and why you have the product or service you do. As long as you are posting things that enhance your customer experience such as tips, information, resources, news, recipes, life hacks, jokes, funny stories etc, depending on your business you are adding value to your customer. It’s not all about sales and deals which of course are great but customers don’t want to be “sold to” every second of the day.

If you are not sure where to start and still looking for a little help we can do that. We do everything from basic consulting, setting up the accounts all the way to managing them for you, which also has its own level of management options.