Website Maintenance

Web Design Online Technology Working Office ConceptOne of the keys to having a successful website is keeping it current and relevant because you want to attract new customers as well as keep existing ones interested.

Running a website is a full time job…. and if you have a business you already HAVE a full time job and we understand that! We can handle your website operations so you don’t have to. We have
several inexpensive options for you to choose from and can help you with anything from regular content updates, site fixes, design changes, functionality and pretty much anything website related.

Maintenance Rates

  • As Needed – Hourly Rate $35
  • Monthly Maintenance $25 per month, 1 hour per month (if paid annually)
  • The Big Forty $575 – This is for users who have a lot of updates for stores or weekly news/updates and provides you with up to 40 hours per year. Use whenever you need throughout the year