What are Cupcake Photos?

Glad you asked. This a basic and very simple concept of reaching out to your customers on Social Media. If you’re a baker, it would seem obvious that you would post photos every day of your cupcakes, donuts, cakes and all of your delicious treats!! Right? If you’re a bed and breakfast it would only seem natural to post photos of the rooms, meals being provided, decor, outdoor scenery and over ambience. An adventure company such as a canoe and kayak rental facility might post photos of their guests on their tours, groups gathering and having fun. These all seem straight forward yet I find it frustrating that these a lot of these businesses do NOT post any of these photos! Such easy photo opportunities to show your customers who you are and what you offer and they are completely missed!

Sure, but those are blatant posts that are a given, you think. What about a roofer? What on earth would he show for a “cupcake” photo? Why not the view from top of the roof?? It’s a different perspective most of us don’t see and with each customer comes with different surroundings.

Does it always have to be a photo of a product or scenery like that?

Cupcakes decorated with butter cream in various colors

Cupcakes decorated with butter cream in various colors

No.  Share something funny, informative or helpful. Just find anything that has a visual impact on your customers in some way.

These photos are not meant to be sales oriented. These are just fun, colorful, happy or informative nature type of posts that will appeal to your customers and also provide engagement on your page. If you have questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help provide more information.