Are you in business to be successful? That’s why. There is no one way to market and reach your customers. Facebook has grown into one of the largest online “word of mouth” forums out there today. I’m sure you’ve seen it first hand, someone asking where to buy this or where to go for that or even the opposite, posting the best Iced Coffee, Chocolate Cake or Bargain they have ever found! Most will always tag or link to the place where they bought or had their experience. Why, because they are happy and want to share and I know that when I see something that also interests me, I’ll click that link to see where or what that place is.

It’s also a great way to promote your business. Maybe you have some great door buster sales going on in house, but if people aren’t going to your store, how are they going to find out about them? What if you have some big changes or incredible new products you want to display? Better yet, what if you have free tips, recipes or information that is useful to your customers? Facebook is a great tool to add to your business for marketing and advertising.

What if you don’t have anything to post? Well, that’s simply just not true. There is always SOMETHING to post, besides, posting is not about trying to sell to your customers. Nobody likes that or looks forward to that. Post your cupcake photo of the day (if you don’t know what that is click here to learn more) or share something about what you are seeing or doing. You have to provide something of value to customers like a life hack, tip, recipe, resource, joke, funny store etc. If people are following your page they like or are interested in what you do or sell so they want to see posts from you.

I could go on all day why Facebook is useful and helpful. Every business can use it best for their own purposes and goals but the fact is, you have to have one. You can get away with just 10 minutes a day to manage it whether that is you or someone you hire and the benefits will pay off more than you think.